RELEASE – RSS Alarm 1.2.0

Hi everybody, long time no see!

The good news is that my time at University is quickly drawing to a close. The even better news is that this means I can get back to working on RSS Alarm. With that, I present version 1.2.0.

The first thing you’ll probably notice is that it looks different. I’ve given the interface a cleaner, brighter look with a larger contrast between the background and the text. Those running Android 4 will also notice a few more subtle differences, as the native Action Bar and Holo UI elements are now used. Users on Android 2.2 and 2.3 will still have the old navigation style.

There’s also a few tweaks and bug fixes. The method of queueing up alarms has also been reworked to improve reliability. Now that’s out the way with, I can finally take a look at the to-do list and start adding some more features! Watch this space.

This update is currently live for the paid version only. I’ll update the free version when time allows. As ever, you can get RSS Alarm from the Google Play Store for only 99p!

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