Curriculum Vitae


Personal Qualities

I am a well-mannered, polite individual who is able to work hard and apply himself to any given task efficiently. I enjoy expressing myself and working as part of a team, while still being able to apply my best effort when working alone. I am enthusiastic about helping others and pride myself on setting a good example to others.

Personal details

Personal details available on request.

Hobbies & Interests

I am a keen fan of Japanese animation (Anime) and Comic Books (Manga). With this interest, I am also a founder of Plymouth's Anime and Manga club, Westcountry Anime. In 2012 I completed the Basingstoke Half Marathon, and I am a former member of the Plymouth Parnells Gaelic Football Club. More recently I have taken up Golf, and I currently play Cricket for Southampton Travellers.

In my spare time I also develop mobile applications with my wife, a number of which are currently available on the Google Play store.

Special Skills

I mainly develop applications for Google's Android operating system, a leading platform within the mobile communications market. As part of my work at Anoto I also develop applications for the Blackberry 10 Operating System. Other languages I am experienced in include Java, C/C++, C# .net and Javascript.

I am also comfortable with the PHP web scripting language and working with MySQL databases, the majority of which is self-taught. I am a confident web developer, coding to W3C standards for both XHTML and CSS. A portfolio of my past works can be found on the Websites page of this site.

I am confident in my own abilities when working within a group project. One example of this was a project to design a industrial placement management system for the University. This included the design on the tables, creating the relations, required processes and user interface, testing and compiling the final product. My knowledge of SQL, Java and the Android framework assisted the implementation, while I also learned more about database design and interface design from the expertise of the other members of the group. Overall, our combined efforts earned the accolade of best project amongst our year group.



Plymouth University

Plymouth University
Sept 2008 - June 2012

BSc Computer Science


City College Plymouth

City College Plymouth
Sept 2006 - June 2008

Advanced Levels

  • Computing - B
  • Mathematics - C
  • Physics - C

High School

Devonport High School for Boys

Devonport High School for Boys
Sept 2001 - January 2006

Advanced Subsidiary Level

  • Media Studies - C

General Certificate of Secondary Education

  • Information Communication Technology - A*
  • Science (Double Award) - A* A*
  • Mathematics - A
  • German - A
  • Systems Control - A
  • English Language - A
  • English Literature - B
  • Music - B
  • History - C


4Com Plc

4Com Plc

Android Developer
October 2014 - Present

Role: Working as part of the 4Phone project team, bringing a brand new cloud-based desk phone to market. Writing core system applications and modifying the Android AOSP source code to provide required functionality for the hardware.



Mobile Applications Developer
June 2012 - October 2014

Role: Developing applications for a variety of mobile platforms including Android and Blackberry 10. Writing mobile applications that communicate with peripheral devices via bluetooth. Working alongside hardware and server-side developers to provide additional solutions as part of the Anoto Live framework.

Freeway Projects

Freeway Projects

June 2010 - July 2011

Role: Developing websites for clients using a variety of Content Management systems and bespoke solutions. Administering the Linux/Apache2 servers on which these websites run. Communicating with clients to understand their requirements for their websites.