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RSS Alarm v1.1.0 – A change cometh

RSS Alarm has been out for over a month now, and it’s still surprising how positive a reaction it’s received in the media and from its users. While I’ll readily admit it’s not sold a ground-breaking amount of copies, it’s still sold a lot better than I expected and it’s paid for my web hosting this month.

So what next? How do I drum up some more publicity for RSS Alarm now the initial media coverage has faded away? A very difficult question for a team of developers, let alone a one-man operation. The clue to this answer is that this is version 1.1.0 of RSS Alarm, not v1.0.5. This is a major change.

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RSS Alarm v1.0.3 – The mini feature update

Hooray! It’s the first non-bugfix update! RSS Alarm v1.0.3 will be on the marketplace shortly, and it brings:

  • The ability to specify the amount of time between RSS Feed updates. (Main screen > MENU button > Settings)
  • Alarm will be dismissed when moving away from the alarm screen (e.g. pressing the back or home key)
  • All indexed podcasts will now be displayed on the Feeds screen, below the list of RSS Feeds.
  • Did I mention RSS Alarm is now on Google+ and Twitter?

The update will automatically download to your phone shortly (provided you’ve allowed automatic updating), and if you don’t have RSS Alarm yet, you can buy it here.

RELEASE: RSS Alarm v1.0.2

Ice Cream SandwichMy new phone arrived today! Though it’s not all sunshine and butterflies when you realise that RSS Alarm has a couple of major bugs specific to Android’s latest release. As such, there’s a new version out to fix these Ice Cream Sandwich-specific problems:

– Fixed bug that prevented users from importing their feeds from Google Reader
– Fix bug that prevented the Text-to-Speech engine from reading out RSS feeds.

As you can see, those were problems that warranted an immediate fix, so here you go. Updates will be arriving to your phones within the hour.

RSS Alarm in the media

It’s been just over a week since RSS Alarm launched, and what a week it’s been! On top of better-than-expected sales, it’s been mentioned in 2 online publications so far! This is what Android UK News ETC had to say:

I’ve downloaded the app and it looks great  and is easy to set up and use, I love the night clock mode.

 RSS Alarm also had an honourable mention in Thursday’s Guardian App Blog:

Clock widgets are ten-a-penny on Android, but RSS Alarm has a neat twist: it wakes you up by reading your RSS feeds, including podcasts. It works with Google Reader, Google Listen and other podcatcher services, and uses Android’s text-to-speech engine.

This has been absolutely brilliant, and I’m very pleased to see that the initial reactions are very positive. A huge thank you to everyone who has bought the app so far, and if you’ve enjoyed using RSS Alarm then please pass your recommendations to your friends and family.

If you don’t have RSS Alarm yet and want to grab it from the market, then you can grab it here!


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